Silent Hill 2 PC Camera Editor

This tool allows you to move/adjust the camera in the PC version of Silent Hill 2, along with toggling invisibility for James, collision, the noise filter, and room brightness levels. Below is a video example showing the tool in action:

Downloading and Using the Camera Editor

This tool is only compatible with the sh2pc.exe North American 1.0 version of the game. Using any other version of sh2pc.exe will not work with this tool. Download sh2pc.exe (North American v1.0).
  1. Download the SH2 PC Camera Editor.
  2. Extract sh2pc_camera_editor.exe from the archive to \KONAMI\Silent Hill 2\.
  3. Run sh2pc_camera_editor.exe (the camera editor).
  4. Run sh2pc.exe (the game).
  5. Enjoy!

Camera Editor Controls

After launching both the camera editor and the game, simply use any of the keybindings below while in-game to manipulate the camera and other effects.
Try combining the effects of both the cylinder camera and free camera for more fine-tuned camera manipulations. For example: Adjust the camera to your liking using the cylinder camera first then switch to the free camera to continue to move the camera in angles you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.
  1. Does not brighten all areas in the game. Works best in indoor areas, but even then it may not brighten all rooms.
  2. Approximately resets room brightness. If a room has unique level addresses for brightness, the room’s values may not be reset fully correct. If that happens, ensure the room is no longer brightened, leave the area, and re-enter the room.
  3. Free camera is disabled and reset back to default camera when entering new rooms. This is a safety measure as the camera would not be with you in the next room if kept enabled from the previous room.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to Andrew "Bigmanjapan" Bondarenko for his tireless research hacking and modding this game. Thanks to his work, the addresses for the debug camera, collisions, invisibility, and everything else have been found, allowing for the creation of this tool. You can learn more about his contributions and others' for Silent Hill 2 PC by visiting the game's Cutting Room Floor page.